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Humorous Mailing Lists

Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint Letter Generator
A list of all the things that are new and improved with Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator
... Scott Pakin is here to help you when you can't quite find the right words to express yourself about someone. Just enter the name of the offender and the number of paragraphs you want and send it.

Car Talk Puzzler
Answer the Puzzler
... From the controversial Monty Hall puzzler, to this week's lame offering, Car Talk's historical, folkloric...and occasionally interesting puzzlers. Can you answer it?

Tommy's Haus of Mail
... Collected here all the fine correspondence that Tommy has read on the air on Car Talk.

Joke Archives
... A excellent web site from Why-Not.com

Old Jokes
Old Jokes Archives
... Old Jokes Are Still Funny. Tired of what passes as humor today? Long for the days when life was simpler and humor was better? Then Old Jokes is for you. Jokes guaranteed to be at least 50 years old.

... Welcome to AprilFools.com, a celebration of fun, friendship and freedom! Year-Round Gag Central for April Fools. We want to help YOU fool someone else! April Fools Day is one of those rare "obligation-free" holidays. No one expects you to send flowers or blow your paycheck at a fancy restaurant. Now's the perfect time to free your Inner Troublemaker with these helpful services from AprilFools.com.

... Welcome to RubberChicken.com where laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Have fun with your friends at RubberChicken.com, home of FakeMail, gags, pranks & practical jokes you can send through the mail! WARNING! According to the U.S. Surgeon General, FakeMail is harmless and non-addictive. So, please, do try this at home!

Cows Caught in the Web
The Uselessness Of Cows
Moo Web Pages
ASCII Cow Pictures
Classic Cows
the Cow Shed
Yahoo ASCII Cow Listing

... ASCII art depicting Cows. Neil R. N. Enns

Tag Lines
... One liners. Neil R. N. Enns

... Neil R. N. Enns

Personal Web Page
... Lots of Humor can be found at this site. Neil R. N. Enns

Mad Cow

Netaholics Anonymous

Webaholics Home Page
... The Canadian Medical Association has come up with a new illness: Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). Symptoms include loss of control, craving and withdrawal symptoms, social isolation, marital discord, academic failure, excessive financial debt, and job termination.


Geek Site of the Day
...There's a million of these sites out there--cool, mediocre, worst--but nothing that points us to the important sites--the geek sites. Where technology, web knowledge, and an internet connection provide for fascinatingly dull communication. So here we go.

Auto Pilot
... A fun spot to plan a dream vacation trip.

Logic Puzzle
... Test your Logic on this Puzzle.

... A personal web page for humor.

Media Research Center
... Home of the Notable Quotables, a compliation of the "latest outrages sometimes humorous quotes in the liberal media.

Virtual Florist
... Send virtual flowers.

Virtual Flowers
... Send virtual flowers.

Club Funny

... Worst-case scenarious in media, culture, advertising, and the internet.

Anti-Microsoft and Bill Gates Jokes

Lawyer Jokes
... The Complete, Definitive, Exhaustive, Conclus... list of Lawyer jokes from the radio program "cartalk".

Pig Latin Converter.. or something
... The Web in Pig Latin. The Pig Latin Converter will take any web page and convert all the text into Pig Latin. All pictures, links, tags, etc etc should still be there. Note that all the links will go through the converter.. this means that any link you follow off of a converted page will get converted itself (IE: You can view the whole web in pig latin!)! All you have to do is put in the URL of the page you want to see.

Readers Digest
Laugh Lines
Laugh Bank
All In A Day's Work
Humor In Uniform
Campus Comedy
Life in These United States
Tales out of School
... Find Thousands of stories on Hundreds of topics and also a Random Joke Generator.

The Old Farmer's Almanac
... North America's oldest continually published magazine. Renowned for its tidal reports, astronomical data, weather forecasts, witty advice and dry humor. You'll also find information and guidance for the home owner, gardener and cook. Monthly features include a essay, recipe and craft. Daily updates include Today in History, Today in Weather History, Advice of the Day and Question of the Day.

UnLoad MS Windows
... An Interesting Web Site. If you use a graphic (Mosaic) web browser this web site will surprise you if you watch what happens as it loads. This site will do no damage to your system but may make you think your MS Windows program is being deleted and Mac O/S 8 is being installed. When the web page is completely loaded it will look as if you are running the Mac version of Netscape.

... The Centre for the Easily Amused. At this site you'll find dozens of hilarious jokes, absurd content and weird sight gags from the folks at the CEA, and you'll also have access to hundreds of links to inane and funny Websites all over the Internet. Check out "Thoughts Not To Live By" and "The Peeling Paint Web Cam", or go cross-eyed at the CEA "Mirror Site."


Comedy Central

Callahan Online

Top Five
Top Five Archives
Top Five E-Mail Lists
TopFive Recommended Web Sites
Ddaily Probe
Save Martha Stewart
... TopFive.com has THOUSANDS of the funniest original top 10 lists on the planet, gang-written by hundreds of comedy writers. On the Web for over a decade. Humor lists, jokes, satire, political humor, sports humor, pop culture humor.

Bicycle humor
... Sheldon Brown's collection.

The Perfect Joke
... You will need a web browser to experience this joke. When the joke has run its course an advertisement window will open up, it's only part of the web site programing.

A Prairie Home Companion Joke Index
... Minnesota Public Radio Presents A Prairie Home Companion Annual Joke Show. 1,000 of jokes some complete with scripts and streaming audio.

Your picture is available online
Cyber Camera
Microsoft Magic Cyber Camera
Sony's online camera
... With the use of advanced technology, a picture of you can be retrieved within seconds! One site even has access to the same database that the FBI uses to catch criminals! Video Clips 2000
Video Clips Online
Video Clips Online
Video Clips original site

Funny Video Clips
... A fine selection of deliciously funny video clips.

Very Ffunny Ads
... TV commercials from around the world. Some are even too sexy to be aired in the United States.

Video Clips
... Movies, Commercials etc.

Rodney Cox's Video clips

Ad Critic
... AdCritic.com was created for those who find advertising more than just an annoyance between TV shows. Advertising is a part of every culture. With 96% of households with TV's, and only 92% with running water, it's no wonder. Here you will find practically any ad you have seen on TV. At least that is the goal.

The Right Side of The Web
Funny Things at The Right Side of the Web
The Right Side of the Web Forum at Delphi
... A wide range of funny stuff.

... Color editorial cartoons very much to the Right.

... Fun pages to send to your friends, online games, and other fun things. You can find all kinds of fun things here.

... This site is just like it's name implies. Funny Jokes, Hilarious Images, Outrageous Audio Files & More.

Dobhran's Humorama
... Humorama Deluxes, Cartoons, Humorous Lists & Stories, Real Life Humor, Men & Women Jokes, Blonde Jokes, Redneck Jokes, Getting Older Jokes, Religion Jokes, Lawyer & Office Jokes, Jokes About Kids, Holiday Jokes, Miscellaneous Jokes.

Jokes Station
Joke Station's Humor Links
The Quotation Station
Poetry @4degreez.com
... Lots of jokes neatly categorized, as well as top ten jokes and other cool stuff. Joke topics are Tech Related, Religious, School, Misc., Naughty, R-Rated, List, Blonde, Clinton.

Jokes Galore ... Non-Stop Humor
... Jokes Galore is one of the Internet's largest online database of jokes.

2000: The Internet year in review
... The Web's leading source of Business and Technology Satire.

... Lots of cool fun pages for your enjoyment. All pages suitable for family viewing.

FEDEX introduces overnight PeoplePak
... Breaking news - FedEx Introduces Overnight PeoplePak cutting travel costs. Federal Express Corporation stunned the air travel and commercial shipping industries today when president and CEO Theodore Weise unveiled plans to begin shipping live humans as early as April 2001, offering frugal travelers the lowest airfares in U.S. history and sparking heated controversy among top industry professionals.

Goofy signs

Amusing stuff

Infrequently Asked Questions

Imitation see-through skirts (Printed Panty Skirts) in Japan are a hoax
Japanese Skirt Fashion Image 1
Japanese Skirt Fashion Image 2
Japanese Skirt Fashion Image 3
Japanese Skirt Fashion Image 4
Japanese Skirt Fashion Image 5
... Crazy idea from Japan..... READ FIRST! Fashion statement? Charming! What you will see in these pictures are not see-thru skirts. They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible. Read the www.snopes.com link listed above for the whole story.

Japanese Engrish
Engrish Recent Discoveries
... Bringing you your favorites from Japan and around the world. Japanese Engrish takes a fun look at the various products, signs, bags, clothing, etc. coming out of Japan that contain funny or far- out English. It can be seen on signs, people's jackets, t-shirts and shopping bags, in menus and on TV. But nowhere is it more prevalent than on the various consumer products found in convenience stores and supermarkets.

... Funny Pictures Jokes and Fun Pages.

Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Joke of the day

Toilette Humored Cartoons
Carve a Pumpkin (ok for children)

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Digital Cards

... To find more Digital Card sites use a search engine and look for "greeting cards".

OhMyGoodness Free Animated Cards, Greetings, Funny Greeting Cards
OhMyGoodness Funny Postcards
Cyber Condoms Postcards
Crazy Kamasutra Postcards (adult audience)
Cards from Mars - Humorous Mars Pathfinder images
... Funny and irreverent animated (Flasher) cards for every subject. If you want to send a humorous and sexy card, Crazy Kamasutra is it. Although the contents of this section are not of a vulgar nature, some drawings are graphic. It is solely designed for an adult audience, and not intended or recommended for viewing by children.

Hello Crazy
... Free Funny Hand-drawn Electronic Greeting Cards. Almost as good as OhMyGoodness Cyber Condoms.

The Postcard Store

Mail a Meal
... Virtual gourmet postcards.

A Passion for Parrots Postcards
... -- Choose from parrot postcards, flowers, birds, cats, or cute animal postcards. You can even send some cool java fireworks. Holiday postcards available too. A cool and fun site!

Art and Astrology Greeting Cards
... Send free virtual cards with astrological sun signs, or other beautiful artwork.

Blue Mountain Arts
FAQ about Blue Mountain Arts
... Electronic Greeting Cards.

Animated Wacky E-Cards
Country Flag Ladies
... Animated Wacky E-Cards are a real hoot! Select your favorite from especially-crafted 3D animation files, you also get to choose your background, as well as a postage stamp. Chceck out the funny little waving cartoon women wearing flags. Choose from every country imaginable.

Build-A-Card (H)
... Personalized digital greeting cards.

The Card Place (W)
Send Reminders (W)
Hallmark Connections (W)
... Personalized digital greeting cards.

American Greetings (W)
American Greetings (W)
American Greetings (W)
... Personalized digital greeting cards.

The Tacky Postcard Archive
... Tired of cute, virtual greeting cards? Send a TACKY postcard instead! Cited as one of the wittiest sites on the web by ABC, CBS, NBC, USA Today and many, many more.

AngelWink's Heavenly Post Card Shoppe
... Tons of free virtual cards in traditional categories, as well as many unique and fun categories!

Awesome Cyber Cards
... Send customized truly "awesome" cyber greeting cards in seconds. For holidays, birthdays or just to say hello. Cards for virtually every occasion. Fun, easy, and FREE.

An Awesome Site for All Ages ... features a virtual fireworks postcard collection, virtual flower postcards, as well as online picture books, holiday features, and more. It's FREE.

Greeting Cards
... By AWESOME CYBER CARDS. Send cyber greeting cards, postcards, love notes. Awesome Site for All Ages hosted cartoon cat Marlo Marmalade and dog JJ Jamm.


Cool Cards

Asia Travel
... Christmas cards.

Castle Mountains Postcards
... Personalized digital greeting cards.

Secret Admirer
... Want to let someone know how you feel about them without them knowing who you are? Secret Admirer can help you send a message to that special someone while keeping your identity safe. Who knows, chances are they feel the same way about you that you feel about them!

Digital Cards

1 2 3 Electronic Greeting Card
1 2 3 Electronic Greeting Card
... Send a Kiss, Heart or a Pizza to friends and loved ones. Free animated or musical postcards for all occasions, like midweek crisis, coffee, sports cards etc. The majority of these cards are animated.

Electronic Greeting Card
Electronic Greeting Card
... Animated Musical Greeting Card Store.

... Beautiful, Free Virtual Greeting Cards. See all four panels of your card just like a real greeting card. These free cards feature an exciting multimedia blend of sound effects, music, and animations. Humor, serious, thoughtful and sincere. Best of all they're absolutely free!


Greet Street
... Greeting cards sent to any e-mail address! Send invitation postcards and announcement postcards. Also available are seasonal greeting cards, and birthday cards. Postcards for every occasion - free.

E-cards and Web Cards by Jacquie Lawson, animated e-cards, Christmas cards
Jacquie Lawson Card collection
... E-cards, web cards, dog e-cards and flower e-cards from Jacquie Lawson. Specialising in animated greeting cards, Christmas e-cards, valentine e-cards and birthday e-cards. Her animated cards are known world- wide through her association with McLintock web design and e-commerce services.

ICQ Friendship Cards

RiverSongs Free Greetings - Free Quality Musical Greetings Cards
... Soft And Loving Free Greetings To Touch The Hearts Of Others. Beautiful Greetings, Touching Poems, Wonderful Music Cards, Flash Cards & Java combine for the Finest Free Online Greetings.

Brown Nose Web Cards
... If you need to brown nose a little, this is a good place to get started. Just choose the appropriate picture, write your own brown- nosing comments, and send your virtual card. You'll then be brown nosing with the best of them!

Cards 'R' Us
... Several different selections, and you can choose to include sound in your cards if the recipient has a sound card and a browser that will support sound files. You can select from their sample sound files, or choose to embed your own wav or MIDI files.

Caribbean Digital Postcards
... Send your own Caribbean postcards with lots of beautiful, tropical pictures and music from the exotic Caribbean.

Dixie Rose Greeting Cards
... Over 200 cards you can send for practically any occasion. Even includes scenic views and other categories when you are overcome by a desire to send a card for non-occasions.

Endangered Species Ecards
... Every use of this FREE virtual card service generates a contribution to the World Wildlife Fund. Many beautiful cards to choose from, some by renowned artists.

Electronic Postcards from Around the World
... You can find a free virtual card for just about anything and from just about anywhere here!

IFlowers Digital Postcard Gallery
... Choose from 6 free virtual cards.

Kountry Kards
... You can send an electronic postcard, with a country scene straight out of rural America, to anyone special for any reason. You can even schedule the card to be sent on any day you choose, as much as 12 months ahead!

Love Coupon
... Do something more than sending a card! Send your loved one a Love Coupon! These coupons invite your lover to spend some romantic time together.

Sign of the Crow FREE Postcard Service
... -- Lots of postcards in 16 different languages.

South Park Post Office
... -- Over 150 free virtual cards in several categories, based on the popular South Park TV show. Many have sound clips attached. A cute site.

Sweet Dreams Postcards
... At this site you can upload your own pics, artwork, music, clipart, etc., and use it to create your own customized greeting cards! And it's FREE!

... Send a FREE virtual cartoon postcard.

Chadduck Enterprises Postcards Shoppe
... Free virtual cards in traditional categories, as well as balloons and bouquets!

UniCards for Every Occasion
... Free virtual cards indexed by everyday greetings, romantic greetings, congratulations, party invitations, holidays, business and sports.

Y'allsend 'em an electronic postcard
... Many free cards with a Southern flair.

2 Mom Luv Me
... I happen to be a big fan of Sesame Street and this site provides great Sesame Street e-cards, as well as Pooh and Muppets cards.

AngelWinks Heavenly Card Shop
... This is a fabulous site, with a massive amount of card categories. Includes Angels, Faries, Castles etc.

... Cute animated cards that look like they are hand drawn.

Just So Cards
... Well known paintings accompied by quotes from authors such as Lewis Carrol and Rudyard Kipling. If you enjoy literature, this is definately for you.

Postcards-Just Postcards
... These cards are beautiful and you get to choose everything from the background to the text color. Features Anne Geddes and Royce McClure (that beautiful underwater art).

Corbis Travel Cards
... More stunning shots. Categories include "Best of Europe", "Canada", "Sacred Places", "Escape to paradise" etc.

Postcards From Italy
... A collection of 20 Italian scenes that you can send as e-cards.

... Cards depicting different scenes and regions of France. Paris to the Cote d'Azur.

Postcards from England
... Want to send a postcard from England? Choose from Nightlife, Festival & Carnivals, London Sights, Country Landscapes and more.

... I love these incredible Irish cards. You can send an Irish fairy, an Irish landscape and more. Reminds me of how beautiful Ireland is!

Greek Postcards
... A small selection of cards to send from the islands of Mykonos, Astypalaia, Lefkada, Patmos and Santorini.

... Breathtaking scenic cards, you write your own message.

BillyBear's Coloring Sheets
... Color your own sheet to send via email. Your browser must be Java enabled.

Cyrano Letters
... Cyrano will whip ya up a love letter or break up letter-a few clicks of the mouse and voila!

... Make someone happy...send them a virtual flower...

Mark's Apology Note Generator
... Mark's site will generate you an apology note or a complaint letter.

Send a Cure-Natural Mom
... Does your friend have a cold? Toothache? Hiccups? Send them the natural cure of what herbal remedy can cure their woes!

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The Far Side by Gary Larson - Pete's Best-Of-Collection
Gary Larson and On-line Use of The Far Side Cartoons
... Gary Larson retired from the daily cartoon business on December 31st, 1994. Nobody should have to live without the famous Far Side though; Off-the-Wall, desk calendars, and collection books help in keeping the tradition of unusual cartoons alive.

Gary Larson's The Far Side

The Far Side 2
The Far Side 4
The Far Side 5
Far Side cartoons made real - Thumbnails page 1
Far Side cartoons made real - Thumbnails page 2
... Far Side cartoons made real.

Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen
Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen
Randy Glasbergen's Daily Cartoon
Randy Glasbergen's Cartoon Index
Randy Glasbergen - 50 Golden Oldies
Randy Glasbergen -Family Cartoons
... Business Cartoons, Computer Cartoons, Family Cartoons, Health Cartoons, Education Cartoons and Humorous Illustrations by Randy Glasbergen.

Best-of-Worth1000 Galleries
... The top image editing and art contest site on the web.

Home of the International Museum of Cartoon Art
... Home to such greats as Beetle Bailey.

King features Syndicate, Inc.
... Home to such greats as Beetle Bailey, Blondie & Dagwood, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, Hagar the Horrible, Dennis the Menace, Family Circle, Ralph and Buckles.

... Wiley's NoN Sequitur, by Wiley Miller. Email wiley@wileytoons.com

United Media
United Media
... The Comic Zone. The home page for cartoons such as Peanuts, Born Loser, and Dilbert.

United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
... Frank and Ernest Cartoon, by Bob Thaves. Email ThavesOne@aol.com
... Ripleys... Believe It or Not! Email bion@ripleys.com
... Dilbert by Scott Adams. Email scottadams@aol.com

Frank and Ernest

The Dilbert Zone

My Boss
... Dilbert cartoon.

Batman Forever clips

Casper (W)
... The friendly Ghost.

FoxTrot (W)
... By Bill Amend.

Garfiled (W)
... By Jim Davis.

Doonesbury (W)
... By Gary B. Trudeau.

Broadside (W)
Subscribe/UnSubscribe to Broadside or Greenside of the Week
Broadside Blog
Broadside Blog - About Jeff Bacon
... By Jeff Bacon. A cartoon about life in the US Navy. Email broadside@mci2000.com

Sempertoons Archive
... A cartoon about life in the US Marines.

In the Trenches (W)
... By Phillip Thompson. A cartoon about life in the US Army. Email pthomps@atpco.com

Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin 'n Hobbes Gallery
... What are these two up to now?

Scooby Doo
... Images and sounds of this famous dog.

Looney Tunes
... Every one loves these classics.

Bloom County
... Bill and Opus!

Fox Trot

Comic Strips and Panels
... Universal Press syndicate presents: Overboard, Ziggy and Friends and In the Bleachers.

In the Bleachers

Cartoon Web
... The CartoonWeb Archive is the most extensive archive in the world available to the media, consisting of hundreds of thousands of cartoons and graphics-political, humor, illustration and caricature, by over 350 of the world's great creators. Noted cartoonists from the United States and over fifty other countries are represented. The CartoonWeb Archive provides an invaluable service for newspapers, magazines, book publishers, advertising agencies, corporations and electronic media. Requests for cartoons and graphics on virtually any subject or issue are fulfilled the same day.

... Sylvia cartoon. By Nicole Hollander.

Baby Blues
... Baby Blues cartoon.

... Dave cartoon.

... Creators Syndicate, Inc.

Wit & Wisdom
... USA Weekend Cartoon of the Week.

Daryl Gagle
... Local Hawaii cartoons.

Cartoon Sounds Archive

... From Calvin.com

Cartoon of the Day
Adult Cartoon of the Day

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Personal Home Pages (Web pages)

Matt Small
Matt Small
Calvin Small's birth
More about Calvin Small

Michael Cummins (W)

Jim McQueeney
Jim McQueeney
Personal Web Communication Center (ICQ)

Gail and Lee Mish in Iraq 2004
Lee's Iraq pictures

Official website of the Nichols family
Future Comcast website of the Nathan Nichols family
Mesa State by Nate Nichols
Mesa State by Nate Nichols
Natan Nichols
Tony Nichols

Nate Nichols - the Hulk Hogan of the Internet

Irvin Dili's Home page
... BIG D'S BBS.

The SumoMan
... Ed Kendall's web pages and Bookmarks.

Ed's Bookmarks
Larry's Bookmarks
Larry's Government Research Links

Personal Webpages on InternetPCI

Kuentos Customer's Personal Web Pages

Digital Dave
Digital Dave Links
San Diego ComputorEdge
Colorado ComputorEdge
New Mexico ComputorEdge
ComputorEdge Magazine Article Archives in PDF format
... The Digital Dave who writes a column for the San Diego, CA magazine "ComputorEdge" a excellent free weekly computer magazine.

The Forty and Eight
... A lot of military history.

... Ohio University's Users Home Pages.

Josh Rantane
... Home of the Pig Latin Converter

Tish's Empire of dirt
... Gary Richards Sister-in-law's Web Page.

Rebecca L. Taitague

Addison Mark Moyer and Josie Smithers Quichocho Wedding
Before the Ceremony
During the Ceremony
After the Ceremony
... April 29, 2000

Don Doyle

My kookie webpage
... Cory Y.

Susie's Scrapbook
... Susie's Scrapbook a excellent Flash web site.

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Your Facebook Account
Facebook Help
Your Facebook Account Data
Facebook Basics
Explore Popular Features of Facebook
Facebook on Facebook
Facebook passwords are not case sensitive
Facebook Pages: Finding, Viewing and Interacting with Pages
Facebook Shared Albums
What is the "Other" folder in my Facebook messages
Facebook List's Help Topic
Help with Facebook notes
Help with Facebook notes
Facebook Interests List Help
Facebook help on Lists Basics
What are Facebook social plugins?
View Facebook over a secure connection and help prevent hackers from accessing your info over public networks - Protect Your Account with Secure Browsing (https)
Facebook Pages: Creating, administering and editing your Page
Introducing the Subscribe Button on Facebook
Facebook: What is the difference between a business account and a user profile
Facebook Streamlined Look Pages for Business
Facebook Ads for Pages and Events
Learn More About Your Facebook Inbox
How do I add an email address to my account?
A Guide to the New Facebook Home Page - A simpler design means easier access to everything you do on Facebook
How do I unsubscribe from someone?
My news feed isn't displaying in chronological order
Why am I seeing stories about people I'm not friends with in my news feed?
When my friend posts on my timeline, who can see it in their news feed?
If I post something on my friend’s timeline, who gets to see it?
How do I use lists to organize my friends?
How do I control what I see in my news feed?
Who can post to my Wall? How do I block people from posting?
How do I unlike a Page?
When I share something, how do I choose who can see it?
What does it mean to "Like" something?
Who can see posts on my timeline?
Can people tell that I've looked at their timeline?
Facebook Privacy Settings
Facebook privacy settings statement
Facebook Updating Their Terms and Policies, Helping You Understand How Facebook Works and How to Control Your Information
How Sharing Works on Facebook
What happens when I get timeline on Facebook
How do I edit the privacy settings for my Wall (timeline)? on Facebook
Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline: A New Kind of Profile
The Facebook Blog
How to Prevent Users from Tagging you in Facebook Photos and Videos
How to disable Facebook Photo tagging on your profile
Installing Games and Apps and how they work on Facebook
Timeline Apps on Facebook
Facebook Security Fan Page
A Guide to Facebook Security (PDF)
Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages FAQ's
Facebook Gotcha: Make sure only family and friends see your photos
Photographer: Facebook Rep Says Site Owns My Photos
Facebook Rep Claims Uploaded Photos Become the Company’s Property
... Official Facebook information, tips and helps.

... How to Hide a person or a type of story (ex: quizzes or games):
Hover over the top-right menu of a story, click the drop-down menu and choose what you'd like to hide.

... Unhide stories from a person, Page, group, event or app:
1. From your home page, hover over news feed in the left sidebar menu.
2. Click the pencil icon that appears to the left.
3. A list of people, apps, Pages, and groups you’ve hidden or unsubscribed from will appear in a pop-up box. Click the X next to each one you'd like to remove from this list. Removing someone or something from your list of hidden stories means those stories can appear in your news feed again
4. Click Save

How to stop Facebook friends from tracking you - A handy step-by-step guide for disabling the social networking site's Places feature
The First Thing You Should Do With Facebook Places: Don't Let Other People Tag You - A handy step-by-step guide for disabling the social networking site's Places feature
... Other web site Facebook tips.

Facebook: Releasing your personal data reveals our trade secrets
Spotify on Facebook
Facebook Email: What You Need to Know
Facebook Changing News Feed Photo Display - June 5, 2012
Facebook Bringing Its Mobile News Feed Redesign To the Web, With Larger Photos And Text - June 4, 2012
Before and after comparisons of Facebook’s redesigned News Feed - June 6, 2012
... Facebook in the news.

Yahoo! is a Facebook API molester
... The Open Graph API is something to be aware of. Many people aren’t even aware that many personal details can be gleaned by not locking their profiles down.

Usernames for Facebook Pages

Facebook Badges

50 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page | Facebook Tips and Tricks
21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

How can I feature other Facebbok Pages on my Page?

Facebook Page for Facebook Pages

Facebook Sign Maker Generator

Facebook Site Governance

Facebook Privacy Policy

The Facebook Insider
Facebook: Quickie Q & A
Facebook: How To Set Your Facebook News Feed And Wall Settings
Facebook: How To Edit Your Application Privacy
Facebook: How To Pick The Exact People You Want To See Your Photo’s And More

All Facebook
... The unoffical facebook resource.

The New Facebook Mess - How to clean up your Notifications and Home Page
The New Facebook Mess - How to clean up your Notifications and Home Page

Poll: Facebook Timeline Worries Most Users
Facebook Timeline Looms: What You Need to Know
Facebook rolls out new 'Timeline' design
All Facebook Profiles Switch to Timeline Soon: Brace for Backlash
12 Things You Should Know About Facebook Timeline
Facebook Now Upgrading All Profiles to Timeline
Facebook to Require New Timeline Profile
Facebook Timeline Timebomb: One Week To Adapt
Facebook Timeline Looms: What You Need to Know
One of Facebook's biggest changes, 'Timeline,' arrives
Two Minute Video: Getting Started with Facebook Timeline
Two Minute Video: Getting Started with Facebook Timeline
Facebook’s Timeline Is Here. Everybody Panic!
Facebook Page Redesign 2011: All You Need to Know
I Hate the New Facebook Timeline
70% Facebook Users Rejected New Facebook Timeline
Why do I hate Facebooks new Timeline
4 Reasons I Hate Facebook’s New Timeline View
The official page for " TIMELINE " haters on Facebook
Everything You'll Hate About the New Facebook Timeline
I Hate Face book Timeline, Hate FB Timeline on Facebook
I hate FB Timeline, and want to disable it ASAP
5 Reasons Facebook Timeline Is Already Annoying
70 Percent of Facebook users rejected new facebook timeline
... Facebook Timeline. Instead of a linear stream of your posts, the new Timeline is a visual aggregation of everything you’ve ever done on the site: the information you’ve included on your profile, your photos, everything you’ve ever “liked,” any Facebook apps you’re using, a map showing where you’ve been (according to geo-tagged posts and photos), as well as a Timeline of everything you’ve ever posted. The problem is that Facebook seems bent on making all of that data more public. Now any post that you make defaults to Public, so if you forget to choose “friends” in the inline audience selector when you post something, the entire world can see it.

Rakesh (Mr. Skillfoo) The Unofficial Facebook Dude
... All new tips will be posted ONLY at Skillfoo. Rakesh (Mr. Skillfoo) The Unofficial Facebook Dude

Don’t like your new Facebook homepage? All those quizzes and ‘WHO sent WHAT to WHOM’? It’s easy to clean up the mess AND protect your privacy at the same time. It takes less time to do this than to read these instructions.

Tip #1 - How to clean up your Notifications Click on the notifications icon on the lower right side of the screen next to 'Online friends'. Click on 'See All' on top right of this box.

On the right side of the screen you will see a column of applications that send notifications.

The first is 'Applications you have authorized'. You may want to keep most of these checked (e.g. wall). Uncheck the ones where you don't want to be notified of any updates.

The section below it is Other Applications. Uncheck the ones you don't want to be bothered with. I suspect you will find almost all of them worthless and would uncheck them. I only kept Feed Comments and Wall checked on mine.

You might have to do this step again later once you get notifications from new applications that were not there the first time around.

This step takes about 60 seconds and within 3 days you should have a much cleaner notification list.

Tip #2 – How to clean up your wall (Be gone dratted quizzes, eggs and dumb gifts)

Anytime you now see a message on your homepage that you don’t like. Hover your mouse over it and you will see a Hide button appear on the right side. Click on that. If the message was generated by an App, it will be the second name in the dropdown. Click on that and you will never see future messages from that boring idiotic App. Can you hear the sound of a flush lever being pulled?

Tip #3 - How to protect your privacy and also stop spamming your friends home pages unknowingly (The ‘Do Unto Others’ principle)

Take your mouse over 'Settings' in the blue bar on top of the screen. Don't click on it but on 'Application Settings' that drops down in the menu.

On top right of page you will see a box with the word Show before it. It will probably say Recently Used. Change that to 'Allowed to Post'

Now you will see a list of all the applications that post your activity on the home pages of all your friends (If you know how to blush, do it now)

Click on 'Edit settings' of the first one. Change setting to 'Never publish any stories from xxx'. Then click on the Profile tab above, in this same box. Change Privacy to 'Only Me'. [*Update April 29 - Yet some more changes in Facebook Apps, please check the Recent News box below]

IMPORTANT - Make sure that you do NOT do this for the good stuff that you normally want to share. e.g. Links, Pages, Video, Photos and notes. We normally WANT to share that so settings should be ‘Allow xxx to publish specific story sizes automatically without prompting’ and privacy set to ‘Only Friends’.

Do the settings for the rest of the Apps you want to keep private.

In future, whenever you add a new App, after you have pressed Allow, and while you are still in the App, hover your mouse above Settings on top of the page and select the 4th option which will be the settings for the app you are in. Change the settings there appropriately so that you NEVER have to manage this list again.

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Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies)
Some videos of free hug movements happening all over the globe
... Sometimes, a hug is all what we need. Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man who's sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal. As this symbol of human hope spread across the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. What we then witness is the true spirit of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe inspiring. In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign, PASS THIS TO A FRIEND and HUG A STRANGER! After all, If you can reach just one person.

Minibites Place On The Net
... Pages to send to your loved ones and friends. Music, pictures, lyrics, wavs.

The WWW Speedtrap Registry
Speed Trap Registry (W)
... Superhighway cruisers get radar tip-offs on "The World Wide Webb Speedtrap Registry". Check out Andy Warner's list of traps and traffic hazards in almost every state, and parts of Canada, England, and Australia.

Useless sites (W)
The Useless Pages
Yahoo's Entertainment section of Useless_Pages

rotten.com Viewer Submission Wall
The Daily Rotten
Rotten Topics
... An archive of disturbing illustration. The soft white underbelly of the net, eviscerated for all to see: Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience.

Perpetual Bubblewrap!
Snap Bubbles
Bubblewrap (macromedia) try the manic mode it's the best
... For the ultimate in time wasting, simply roll your mouse over the bubble wrap to see and hear a satisfying 'pop' as the bubble bursts. Trouble is, the bubbles come right back after a bit, so it is - we are proud to announce - well and truly useless. (Note: You will need Macromedia's Flash plug in for this to work.)

... 10,000 offered to find e-mail wife.

Snoop (W)
... This site will tell you what type of computer system you are using.

... A alternate source to finding that zip code. At this site you can also find out the distance (in miles) between zip codes. How far it is between cities. Zip Codes within a City. Population of a city within the Zipcode.

Cyber Dave
Dave's Favorites
Exploding Whale
Dead Whale Removal
The Infamous Exploding Whale Video - Quicktime Movie (11.2 meg)
Dave Barry Columns in the Miami Herald
The Exploding Whale
Exploding Whale Feedback
Son Of Blubber
Thar She Blows!
... The Oregon Exploding Whale. It was November 12, 1970. How else would the Oregon Highway Dept. dispose of a giant whale carcass rotting on the beach? See the humorous results for yourself.

... Smiley's

Smileys and Emoticons
... A smiley is a sequence of characters on your computer keyboard. If you don't see it, try tilting your head to the left. A colon represents the eyes, a dash represents the nose and the right parenthesis represents the mouth. Smileys usually follow after the punctuation (or in place of the punctuation) at the end of a sentence. A smiley tells someone what you really mean when you make an offhand remark. They are also called emoticons because they intend to convey emotion!

Acronyms & Shorthand
... Known as Chat Acronyms and E-mail Shorthand, these "abbreviations" are also used in Newsgroup Postings and IRC.

Looney Links

The Lunatic Lounge

Weird of the Week Archive

Gimp Approved sites

Trojan Room Coffee Machine

Flaming Pop-Tart Experiment

Extreme Pumpkins.com - Pumpkin carving at its wildest
... ExtremePumpkins.com where strange pumpkins, pumpkin patterns, and alternative pumpkin carving techniques are developed and demonstrated for you. Pumpkin carving will never be the same.

... Example of a site that is not what their name implies.

Fun Pages
... JustSayWOW.com. Lots of smiling face pages.

... Besides the free services offered on estate planning, funeral planning, end-of-life-care, spirituality and genealogy. The dearly departed can send messages from the great beyond to anyone with a email address.

Time Kill Central
... From the Car Talk guys.

Billy Bob Teeth
... Featuring The Most Realistic Fake Teeth Available Hollywood Quality, sure-fire Humor Tools Made from the very same acrylic used in dentures Putty forms a custom fit which allows you to Talk and Fool Absolutely Everyone.

The Dialectizer
... You can select from Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin, or Hacker to translate text or even URLs. Great fun for those with a lot of time on their hands.


JoyGreetings.com - Send Joy to Someone Special
... A huge selection of the web's best greetings to send to your friends and family. Categories include: fun, frienship, and humor. All free.

End of the Internet
End of the Internet
The very last page of the Internet
End of the Internet
... The end of the Internet ends in several places.

The Start Of The Internet

Destroying the Internet

Useful Computer Add-Ons
... Several spoofs of the PC and its software.

The first male pregnancy
... At this site, you can follow along with Mr. Lee and his "pregnancy," watch ultrasound video and read how and why he's doing this. There are also various chats scheduled to discuss the implications of this "event" and more. Don't ask, I didn't make this up; you decide for yourself.

Darvas House - The Official Darva Conger Website
... Fitness And Fun For Your Mind, Body And Spirit. Check out flash media on the introduction page while it is loading by moving around your mouse.

Baby Cute or Not
... Isn't Every Baby Cute? Every parent thinks their new baby is the cutest on the planet and they aren't shy about saying so. This web site gives everyone else the chance to voice their opinion. "Baby: Cute or Not?" takes submitted baby pictures and gives users a chance to vote on how cute he/she is. It is completely unscientific, but it is interesting to see how many parents want to know what others think of their baby. Also, parents can check back later to see how "cute" their baby is. Parents register their baby's name, birthday, age in the photo, any parental comments and a picture of the lad or lassie. The site claims to be "the cutest site on the web!" With all these baby pictures, who could argue? You can. Go to the site and log your vote!

Industrious Clock

Forget computer "bugs" try this on for size!

GiveBoobs.com - Give Me Nice Big Boobs
... Give the Gift of Boobs. Make Michel's Breasts Bigger! Read about her quest for the nicest tatas. Support big boobs.

Mosquito Web
... To kill time, kill some mosquito's.

Oregon Storm Watchers

Radio Controled Turbine B-52
Radio Controled Turbine B-52 - Long video of flight
Radio Controled Turbine B-52 - Long video of flight
... A 29.1mb video plays for nearly ten minutes. LOVE the sound. This is a labor of love! Actually has 8 "real turbines" at about $1500 each! Took over 2 years to build. Takes multiple pilots, as there are so many things to control. Think they are nervous during the maiden flight? Unbelievable that someone would make this - all real turbines!

Unbelievable Sand Sculptures

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My Space

Bob Kilpatrick on MySpace.com

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Political & Presidental Humor

Cartoonery.com (W)
Images (W)
Presidental Humor
... Enjoy humours animated american political cartoons from Chris Hiers! A excellent site. A favorite of this web page author.

Clinton Jokes
... Not for everyone.

Clinton One Liners
... A few good ones in there.

Clinton Scandals

Democratic Party OneMinuteSpeechMaker
... Ever wondered how they do it?

Silicon Valley Logic
... Not your average political Web zine.

Paul Shanklin
... You've heard him on Rush & He sounds a lot like Clinton.

Politically Correct Cartoons
... Jim Huber. Very Right. Very funny. Very nice guy.

Politically Hilarious
... Very hilarious, very conservative, very cool.

... Right Wing Limericks.

... An American political satire.

Serf City
... Another Right cartoon.

Politically Correct Cartoons
... Conservative, political cartoons by Jim Huber.

Gore (as in Al) Quotes
The Best Of Al Gore's Lies And Exaggerations
Al Gore aka Alpha Gore
Al's abortion flip- flop
Here Lies Al Gore
Gore's Lies
Al Gore Mental Health Page
Al Gore's Skeleton Closet
Gore's Religious Environmentalism
Gore's Service
Stuff Al did NOT say
... A Collection of Al Gore statements and quotations and the Facts Behind Them. Also unofficial Gore-Lieberman 2000 campaign web sites.

... An entire page dedicated solely to the mockeries of the 200 election situation in Florida.

Tired of the election mess?
... Distort the future president. Using your mouse, click and drag on the faces and see what happens.

Cast your vote for First Lady 2000

Cowboy for President

The Dubya Celebration Dance
Bush - Gore Dance @ TVdance.com

Vote Smart - Political Humor

Pritchett Cartoons
... Editorial cartoons, caricatures and illustrations by John S. Pritchett. Award-winning cartoonist and illustrator offers quality artwork for publication.

Political Cartoons by all the Top Editorial Cartoonists
... PoliticalCartoons.com is the home to more than one hundred, top newspaper editorial cartoonists including eight Pulitzer Prize winners. Sixty political cartoons update daily. The site also includes an extensive teachers guide for using the cartoons in the classroom, and a complete listing for all of the editorial cartoonists on the web.

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
... The site for daily cartoons, and the most comprehensive listing of cartoonists on the internet --more than 60 updating daily cartoons by top cartoonists --Hogan's Alley, the magazine of the cartoon arts --contests, news and industry events.

The War on Terrorism
... The War on Terrorism cartoons.

Emergency warning signs
... Makes me feel so much safer.


... Whitehouse.org is the officious web site for the White House and President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States of America.

About.com Political Humor

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South Umpqua Rod and Gun Club

Scott Rammage and Advocare

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